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Способы оплаты

We offer to you to know anymore about the most popular pay systems:


Webmoney Transfer electronic payment system was opened in 1998 and today it is the most widespread and reliable Russian electronic payment system for the conduct of financial operations in real time, to Russian-speaking part of world network created for users. Any person can become the user of the system. Title signs serve as a mean of calculation of the system under the name Webmoney or briefly WM. All Your WM is kept at the so-called electronic purses.


A project Yandex was started in 2002. Money is the universal pay system. Now pay system of Yandeks.Money is one of the leaders among the Russian pay systems and continues to develop swift rates: new services, services, are launched, an application of the pay system domain broadens. In order to become the user of the electronic pay system Yandeks.Money it is enough to pass registration. Thus in the pay system automatically will be scored first on your name.


The pay system Functions from 2002. The system of Rupay is integrator of the pay systems, where pay systems and exchange points joined in one system. During registration in Rupay the personal information and documents are not required. For successful registration it is enough to enter first name, last name, the e-mail, to specify a city, country and desired password. By the number of account in the system of Rupay, distinguishing one account from other, there is your e-mail, for payment on other account you are enough to know an e-mail recipient.


The pay system of Paycash set to the work at the Russian market at the beginning of 1998. The system of Paycash is positioned, above all things, as an accessible mean of the rapid, effective and safe conducting of available payments in a network the Internet. The pay system of Paycash is the possessor of row of prestige rewards and patents which «Certificate of the special confession of Congress of the USA is among».


The electronic pay system of e-gold was created in 1996. The jars of the USA and Switzerland come forward guarantors reliability of this pay system. The main difference of the pay system of e-gold is that all of money facilities are physically provided with precious metals, kept in the jar of Nova Scotia (Toronto).Users of the system of e-gold, resident in the USA and Canada are in a position to get money facilities from the account as bars of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium). The amount of users of the pay system of e-gold grows swiftly.


Paypal electronic pay system is one of most popular and reliable among the world pay systems. To beginning of 2006 it serves users from 55 countries. Users from Belorussia and Ukraine are not served. In Russia, utillizing service is possible only for calculations for purchases.


The Moneybookers electronic pay system was opened in 2003, it successfully competes in many areas with such giant as Paypal. The amount of users, incorporated in the system, approaches 1,5 millions. It is possible to consider its universality main dignity of this pay system. The pay system of Moneybookers serves users more than in 170 countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia.


The system of «Kreditpilot» beginning it's activity in 2001. In order that to score first in the system, it is not necessary to use special software, it is enough to be registered at company website.


The system was launched in 2004. In spite of the young age, in Belorussia of Easypay is practically the unique legal system of electronic payments. Main feature of Easypay is that it operates only on territory of Republic Belorussia.

Plastic cards

Plastic cards are a pay instrument, giving possibility of cashless payment of commodities or services, and also receipts of available facilities in the separations of banks or bank automats. The international pay systems based on plastic cards are: VISA, Mastersard/eurocard, American Express. Exactly these pay systems are most popular at the Russian market.


Russian ruble

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